About Windridge Condominium Homes

Download a Windridge Brochure – (Please note – the brochure states that Windridge has two tennis courts.   In 2015 we built an office building/community center on one of the tennis courts. The other tennis court, located next to the new office, is now a Multi-Purpose Recreational Court. It is still fenced &  has a tennis net and the lines are marked so it is usable for tennis if you don’t mind a few cracks…)

As the 1980’s came to a close, the idea of condominium living was becoming more familiar and increasingly popular. Potential buyers liked the idea of combining many benefits of ownership with those of renting. More people were ready to leave exterior maintenance worries to someone else and enjoy additional free time. Thus by 1995 every available space platted and approved for building at Windridge had been utilized. In all, 221 homes had been completed…yet much of the Laurel Hall’s original woods and ravines were preserved for the enjoyment of future residents. Over the decades Windridge has remained the beautiful refuge once dreamed of by Stoughton Fletcher and Robert Welch.

Located near the heart of the city, our community still provides a peaceful and secure environment to share with neighbors, friends, and family. Over 300 people call it home and some of our residents have lived here 20 or more years. It’s not uncommon for people to relocate from one of our condominiums to another in Windridge when their needs and preferences change.

As we move into the future it’s also gratifying to see many new faces… people who’ve discovered that Windridge is the place they want to be. Our diverse community, great location, variety of home styles, and natural setting continue to set us apart and attract those who appreciate all that Windridge offers.



The original sales brochures from the 1970s made the following statement: ‘Windridge is not only a more satisfying place to live. It is a more satisfying way to live.’ This is still true today.