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Grass vs Trees
From a recent Dr. Dirt Indy Star column:

Dear Dr. Dirt: Our lawn has two large sugar maple trees. There is NO grass around these trees. We love the trees, but would like a little grass to go with them.

Dear Reader: For the most part, grass and trees are NOT compatible. Grass needs LOTS of SUNLIGHT and PLENTY of SOIL MOISTURE. Trees block the sun and their roots draw the moisture, killing the grass. You may shred the maple leaves and cover the area under the trees with them. Perhaps some wild flowers will become established in the leaf mulch? You can move out five or six feet from the trees and front them with some low growing shrubs with horizontal branching.
Otherwise, enjoy your trees just do not expect lush green grass underneath them.


 2017 Annual Meeting Sunday, December 10 at 1:00 pm at Laurel Hall

Presentation and vote on the Proposed 2018 Budget.
Update on Long Range plan and Reserve Account.
Election of three Board members.

Please plan to attend


Reminders from Neighborhood Watch Coordinator, Jim Loiselle –

1: Always LOCK your vehicles.

2: Put outgoing mail in your box in the morning; do not leave it out overnight.

3: TURN ON your porch lights – front and rear.

4: If you are out in the evening leave lights and TV or Radio on.

5: Call 911 if you think someone is acting strange or soliciting at your door.

6: Our gates can be opened by the Police and Emergency vehicles.


Please direct your guests & service providers to park in your driveway rather than on the street. We need to keep the streets open for large service vehicles and to ease navigation for cars & walkers.
Please DO NOT  PARK on the GRASS
Keep your tires on the blacktop

A Huge Thank You to Ken Myers for tackling our invasive honeysuckle!!! It is easy to get used to honeysuckle and say, “Oh, it is so pretty! It provides such a nice privacy screen.” But the invasive honeysuckle is KILLING our WOODS. It strangles our trees and poisons the ground so that other underbrush will not grow. Our birds, wildlife and insects leave the area because there is nothing for them to eat.