Announcements etc.

The petition to allow a Dollar Tree in Millersville FAILED!!! The owner of the Walgreens building requested a variance to rent the store to Dollar Tree. Millersville, along with Windridge residents, opposed converting the vacant Walgreens into a Dollar Tree. We took our case to a public hearing before the Indianapolis Metropolitan Development Commission on March 7th and we WON!!! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! …to our presenters, …to all who wrote letters to the Commission …to all who signed our petitions and …to all who came to the hearing!


As spring approaches please avoid parking or driving on the grass.
Residents and guests are encouraged to use their driveway for parking.
When parking on the street is necessary, please keep all four tires on the pavement.


The Landscape Committee is willing to provide owners with guidance. Please submit a Landscape Request to request help. Also remember that a Landscape Request must be submitted and approved prior to any gardening in common areas in Windridge.


From a Dr. Dirt Indy Star column:
Dear Dr. Dirt: Our lawn has two large sugar maple trees. There is NO grass around these trees. We love the trees, but would like a little grass to go with them.

Dear Reader: For the most part, grass and trees are NOT compatible. Grass needs LOTS of SUNLIGHT and PLENTY of SOIL MOISTURE. Trees block the sun and their roots draw the moisture, killing the grass. You may shred the maple leaves and cover the area under the trees with them. Perhaps some wild flowers will become established in the leaf mulch? You can move out five or six feet from the trees and front them with some low growing shrubs with horizontal branching.
Otherwise, enjoy your trees just do not expect lush green grass underneath them.


Reminders from Neighborhood Watch Coordinator, Tom McNulty –

1: Always LOCK your vehicles.

2: Put outgoing mail in your box in the morning; do not leave it out overnight.

3: TURN ON your porch lights – front and rear.

4: If you are out in the evening leave lights and TV or Radio on.

5: Call 911 if you think someone is acting strange or soliciting at your door.

6: Our gates can be opened by the Police and Emergency vehicles.


The Neighborhood Watch is always looking for new Captains. If you are interested please contact Tom McNulty


Street Parking is a SAFETY issue for ALL of us Street parking limits access for ambulance, fire & police vehicles. Please do not park on the street overnight. Park in your garage or driveway and have guests park in guest parking. Thank you!


Emergency Notification via Text Message is available. When we have water outages, road closures, security issues or other similar emergencies you may be notified by TEXT  – if you sign up. Turn your filled out form into the office to join the group. The form is available on our website.



Please be patient when entering the main gate. Current safety laws require a three second delay and beeping before the gate begins to open.

Please use the three second rule:

Drive all the way up to the gate

Press #1 on your gate remote

Count  One – Two – Three

The gate will then open


Lights ON – Please keep your front and back lights ON – 24/7

Please report any burned out lights to the office or Tom McNulty, Neighborhood Watch Coordinator. You may also submit a work order online, email or call the office.


Good news – our Community Room is available for your use.

Reservations for Windridge Committees & Windridge Club Activities may be added to the calendar in the Community Room. Guidelines are with the calendar and posted online.


Our Board of Director officers for 2018 are: President-Vicki EidentVice President-Mike McCracken, Secretary-Bev Watkins and Treasurer-Tom Eggers. The other five Board of Directors are Charlie Boyle, Jon McGann, Bill Pert, Eileen Scott, and Karen Shepherd 

Please feel free to contact any of our Board of Directors in person, by phone or by email.