Invasive Honeysuckle

Windridge has been fighting to control and  eliminate Honeysuckle since 2010. Each year we clear additional areas with our maintenance staff and the work of many volunteers.  Over the years several of our members have led the way including Tom Ulsas, Debbie Hudson, Marion Dunson, Vicki Eident and Jane Loiselle. This year Ken Myers joins that list.

A Huge Thank You to Ken Myers for tackling our invasive honeysuckle since he moved in last year!!! It is easy to get used to honeysuckle and say, “Oh, it is so pretty! It provides such a nice privacy screen.”
But the invasive honeysuckle is KILLING our WOODS. It strangles our trees and poisons the ground so that other underbrush will not grow. Our birds, wildlife and insects leave the area because there is nothing for them to eat.  Ken is helping get rid of the honeysuckle to provide us with vistas through our woods!  
Again – Thank You Ken!!!


That Nasty Invasive Bush Honeysuckle

originally published April 2014 by Tom Ulsas

This shrub grows extremely fast, is drought tolerant, is the first to green in the spring and is the last to drop it’s leaves in the fall. It even has pretty red berries. Sounds like a bush we’d all like to have, right?


Bush Honeysuckle thrives at the expense of our native plants, because it greens up early it blocks the sun to our natives. It also releases chemicals that poison our soil which stops new growth. This in turn reduces food and cover for birds, insects and other animals. This shrub has invaded Windridge and our forests.  It is greatly reducing new tree growth which will have a lasting impact on our forests over the next 20 years. For the past several years Windridge has been fighting a constant battle with Bush Honeysuckle and will continue to do so.  It will continue to be one of our priorities.