Our Board of Directors

We have nine board members. They are elected for three year terms. Three are elected each year at our annual meeting in December. They are volunteers and receive no compensation.

2017 Board Members –

Rick Alexander  rwalexander@indy.rr.com        317-496-6299

Tom Eggers       teggers1122@gmail.com          317-545-8203 Treasurer

Vicki Eident        Vicki@eident.net                   317-679-5386 Vice President

Elle Keppler         keppler2@sbcglobal.net         317-549-2358 President

Jane Loiselle       jloiselle@indy.rr.com               317-426-5933 Secretary

Mike McCracken –

Michael.j.mccracken.bhl3@statefarm.com           309-781-9186

Bill Pert               wmpert@gmail.com              317-626-8409

Eileen Scott   escott@luminafoundation.org        317-951-5352

Beverly Watkins    b9watkins@gmail.com           312-513-6309