Walking in Windridge is a passage into an earlier era. It begins with a stroll through mature hardwood forests. Comfortable homes in varying sizes and styles nestle among those trees, and many overlook our vast and deep ravines. While you stroll, listening to bird calls, you may find yourself briefly accompanied by a deer. Walking creekside, you are not surprised to see canoeists and kayakers, patient fishermen, or stately horseback riders patrolling the opposite shore. All of this is available right outside your door!

Walking in Windridge on a midsummer evening is a completely different kind of treat. With carriage lights on each garage to show the way, the residents are transported to a country village where the only sounds are those made by busy katydids and crickets. You stop briefly, surrounded and transfixed by the sight of a myriad fireflies, pulsing and hovering from our forest openings. This magical moment literally takes your breath away. 


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