VISION: Create a balance between cultivated and natural landscapes that enhances both the physical environment and property values while meeting fiscal obligations.

The Landscape Committee (LC) is all about property values and supports that vision through the following initiatives.

  • The most important job of the committee is to review all landscape requests from homeowners. A *confidential* majority email vote of the members is the recommendation then presented to the Board of Directors for an official decision.
  • A seasonal newsletter reaches out to Windridge homeowners with garden tips for native plantings and ways individual homeowners can help to improve our property values. Please look for future links to the Windridge Newsletters – coming soon!
  • In the Spring and Fall, the LC also organizes a Saturday workday and invites all our neighbors to help with clean-up, weeding, and the on-going project of eliminating invasive honeysuckle.
  • The most visible event, launched in June 2022, was the *first* Windridge Garden Tour showcasing seven beautiful gardens. It was successful in every way with plans to make it an annual event.


We invite your participation and if you are interested in joining the committee, we ask that you:

  • Adopt one of the 30 Common Area gardens that we tend. Those include the front and back entrance gates, the Sun Garden on White Marsh, the Shade Garden on Whisperwood and many other *corner* gardens.
  • Commit to participating in the frequent *confidential* review of landscape requests;
  • Care for your own garden in the Limited Common Area around your home;
  • Join in the Saturday workdays as you are able;
  • Help with the Garden Tour; and
  • Attend two meetings annually convened to choose responsibility for the Common Area garden spots and discuss common nature related topics.

This is a can-do group of people, and the best part is that the group is made up of gardeners who know and share their knowledge helping us all to be better stewards of Mother Earth. If you are interested in joining the committee, please contact HOA Liaison, Beverly Watkins at