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Joining Virtual Board Meeting

by | Apr 19, 2020 | !NOTICES

To read the instructions for joining tomorrow’s Virtual Board Meeting, click on the link below:


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President’s Message on Windridge Security

  Windridge / News News and Notices  Please read this recent message from Vicki Eident, President of the Windridge Board.  To read click this link  More News  

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Water main repair

  Windridge / News News and Notices  WATER MAIN REPAIRED:   Crews began working on the water main break on Greenwillow early this morning.  Thankfully, the repair was made in well under four hours (the typical minimum required to fix breaks).   Sorry to all residents...

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Unsolicited Realtor Calls

Are you receiving letters and now odd texts or voice mails about selling your home? BE WARY!   Several residents have mentioned that they have periodically been getting texts or voicemails from individuals who claim to be looking for folks who are interested in...

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Annual Meeting Held

  Windridge / News News and Notices  ANNUAL MEETING RESULTS (DEC. 8TH:):   The Association's Annual Meeting was held as scheduled.  At the meeting, the proposed 2020 budget was approved, the proposal to move unspent funds from the operational fund to the reserve fund...

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New December First Friday Host Needed

  Windridge / News News and Notices  NEW DECEMBER FIRST FRIDAY HOST NEEDED!  Linda Ryker has just sent an email letting us all know that the resident who was going to host the December 6th First Friday event in no longer a Windridge resident.  And that means we really...

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A Windridge Tradition

  Windridge / News News and Notices  A LONG STANDING WINDRIDGE TRADITION:    Did you look at the red reminder placed in the tube by your mailbox recently?   The flyer was a reminder about Christmas gifts to our staff.  Each Christmas the Board asks residents to give...

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Giving Tree 2019

  Windridge / News News and Notices  CLICK ON THE LINK TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE HOLIDAY GIVING TREE FOR 2019!!   More News  

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