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Use of Propane and Charcoal Grills

by | Apr 23, 2020 | !NOTICES

It’s time for all of use to be reminded of our Community’s Policy concerning the safe use of Propane and Charcoal Grills.  The policy was developed to ensure that the grills are used in a way that minimize the risk of fire to units.  Please click on the link below to refresh your memory  –   Happy (and Safe) Grilling!

Propane and Charcoal Grill Policy




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Reminder of Suspended Activities

  Windridge / News News and Notices  As a reminder, please remember that ALL Windridge-sponsored activities are suspended until further notice in response to Covid Virus concerns.  This includes all group meetings at the office and all Windridge-sponsored activities...

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Nature Calling

  Windridge / News News and Notices   Snapped by a Windridge Owner recently.  This inquisitive visitor has been making the rounds on Windridge Drive of late.     More News  

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May Board President’s Report

  Windridge / News News and Notices  The May Report from Vicki Eident, Windridge's Board President, is now available.  To read it, click on the link below: May Board President's Report   More News  

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Food Drive Great Success

  Windridge / News News and Notices  The recent food drive held in Windridge to help local food banks was a tremendous success!  So much food was collected that substantial amounts were donated to two (instead of one) food banks.  In all, 920 food items were...

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Windridge Improvements Continue

  Windridge / News News and Notices  Despite the challenges we are all facing these days, Windridge staff are continuing to make needed repairs and improvements.  The picture below was taken during a drainage project undertaken just a few days ago.   More News  

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Signs of Spring

  Windridge / News News and Notices  During these challenging times, it's important to remind ourselves of the positives.   How about some beautiful 2020 reminders of why Windridge is such a beautiful place to live...             More News  

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Joining Virtual Board Meeting

  Windridge / News News and Notices  To read the instructions for joining tomorrow's Virtual Board Meeting, click on the link below:   More News  

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Temporary Changes to Windridge Staff

  Windridge / News News and Notices  To read a very important memo from our Board President, Vicki Eident, concerning the Windridge staff, click on the link below.    More...

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