Windridge has many clubs and social activities – all you have to do is reach out and join the fun!   Some clubs meet in the Community Room at the Association Office near the South Gate.  Take a look at the list and see if anything catches your interest. 


The Windridge Community Room is primarily available for the use and benefit of staff and owners.

Owners must reserve the room on the calendar that is posted in the community room.  Please do not call the office and request that staff reserve the room for you. 

Note that a Windridge owner must be present at all times during the use of the Community Room.

*Conference Room and Office visits require reservations or appointments. 

*The door to the office must remain closed when the conference room is in use.

Room use priorities are as follows:

  • Board of Directors meetings – third Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m.
  • Meetings between the Property Manager and Vendors
  • Board-led committee meetings
  • Windridge-sanctioned social clubs
  • Windridge-related functions

Occasional family parties may be allowed.  Seminars, political, religious, commercial or for-profit activities are not permitted.   Appropriate use and availability will be determined by the Office Manager.

SPECIAL NOTE:  Recurring activities may be subject to an occasional reschedule.

Available times

Weekdays and Weekends

  • Mornings are generally reserved for staff use and committee meetings.
  • Check the calendar for availability.  Sign up is on a first come, first served basis.

Evenings and Weekends

  • Make arrangements with the Office Manager during office hours (Monday through Friday) 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. to obtain the key and any instructions.





This very popular activity takes place in owners’ homes, rather than the Community Room.  Owners take turns preparing one course of a four course meal, with the host of the dinner serving the entrée.  With each subsequent meeting, course responsibility and the host rotate with the three other participants.  There are two “sessions”, one in early spring and summer and the other in the fall and early winter. 

If you enjoy good food and would like to share some with your neighbors, contact Elle Hugar Laker (317-999-3858) or Ginny Hacker (317-701-1946) for more information.  (As of January 2022, this activity is on hiatus due to the pandemic.) 

CHEAP EATS – Out to lunch for about $15

This fun group meets on the last Friday of each month to go to a local restaurant for lunch.  Good food, good conversation, not much money – a great combination. Contact Judy Eckerson ( for more information.

Mix & Mingle – Dates and Hosts below;

June 3 – 5247 Windridge Drive, John & Stephanie Denson

July 8 – 5326 White Marsh Lane, Jean & Paul Galanti

August 5 – 5228 Windridge Drive, Bill & Ginny Hacker

September 9 – 5250 Windridge Drive, Carlos Mesa & Elaine Bennett

October 7 – 5221 Whisperwood Lane, Betsy Van Horn

November 4 – 5419 Green Willow Road, Francie Webber

December 2 – Host still needed

This well-attended monthly activity provides owners with an opportunity to visit neighbors, unique houses, share favorite appetizers and beverages, and enjoy socializing with friends old and new.  The event rotates each month, meeting the first Friday of the month from 5-7 p.m. (except January – March).

Email announcements with the next location are sent as reminders each month or you can look for the “Cocktail Flag” outside the host’s house.  Contact Stephanie Denson (603-380-0121) or the office to add your name to the email list to ensure you receive your monthly reminders.  Attendance is of course voluntary, but this is a great chance to meet your neighbors, see unique homes, and share some wonderful food.  (As of January 2022, this activity is on hiatus due to the pandemic.)


The Page Turner Book Club meets on the second Monday of each month at 10:00 a.m. and is open to new members.  If you’re interested in learning more, contact Susie McAllister (317-902-7147) or Kathleen Roman (317-586-1058). (As of January 2022, this activity is on hiatus due to the pandemic.)


The Landscape Committee is open to all who are interested in helping make our grounds even more beautiful.  The committee reviews and makes recommendations to the Board for all landscape requests, and plans and executes new projects throughout the community.  If you like getting your hands in the dirt, contact Ginny Hacker ( for more information.


The women’s bridge club meets on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month at 12:30 p.m. Contact Elle Keppler (317-549-2358) for information.)


Those interested in this fun game should contact Karen Kuhn (317-602-4978). (As of January 2022, this activity is on hiatus due to the pandemic.)


Quite a few owners have also become enthusiastic players of Mah Jongg.  The group welcomes players at all levels, including beginners, and meets every Tuesday at 2:00 p.m. Contact Marilyn Mart (317-542-1186) or Betsy Van Horn (414-791-4050) if you like playing or would like to learn about this fascinating game.


Yoga classes are held each Wednesday morning in the Community Room, with chair class (practice while seated) meeting at 10:00 and mat class (using traditional yoga mats) meeting at 11:00.  The classes are open to all Windridge residents and require no prior yoga experience.  The classes are taught by Elle Hugar Laker, a yoga practitioner and teacher for many years.  For more information, call Elle (317-999-3858). (As of January 2022, in-person classes are on hiatus due to the pandemic, but Elle offers an online class of chair yoga each week.)



Within a 2-5 minute drive you’ll find no less than five restaurants, four fast food places, and a well-known coffee shop. From BBQ to Chinese to pancakes to pizza to Mexican and grocery shopping – it’s all close by.

Within a 5-10 minute drive, there are several more restaurants – a full menu restaurant and grill, a brewery-restaurant and bar, a popular Mexican restaurant, and lots more.  The popular dining area in nearby Broad Ripple (62nd Street and College) offers plenty of additional options, from Thai to pizza to brew pubs and many more.

In addition, the 82nd Street/86nd Street corridor, Keystone at the Crossing, Irvington, Broad Ripple, State Fair Grounds, Fountain Square, Mass Avenue, Fort Harrison and Downtown Indianapolis  (10-18 minute drive) offer scores of restaurants, night life, dining establishments, comedy clubs, theaters, museums, parks, sporting venues and much more.