Which condos are currently for sale?

Windridge is a diverse community that welcomes ALL. With 221 condominiums that reflect a wide variety of sizes and architectural styles, floor plans range from townhouse to ranch.  About 30% are free-standing units while the remainder are clustered throughout our rolling grounds in groups of 2-5 attached homes. Many units, in fact, feature walk-out lower levels with “Brown County” views over dense woods or ravines.

Below is a link to the listing of condos currently for sale.

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What makes Windridge different from other Indianapolis condo communities?

UNITS WIDELY VARY IN STYLE AND SIZE:  While most condo communities offer owners a choice among only a few floor plans, Windridge was developed with a completely different intent.  Occupying 72 acres, Windridge’s 221 condominiums reflect a wide variety of sizes and architectural styles. About 30% of the units are are free-standing, while the remainder are clustered in groups of 2-5 attached homes. Floor plans range from townhouse to multi-story ranch and vary in size from approximately 1,600 to 4,000 sq. ft.  Many of the homes also feature walk-out lower levels or decks that open onto quiet wooded areas.  (The lovely grounds of Laurel Hall add an additional 10 acres.)

SURROUNDED BY NATURAL BEAUTY:  Windridge’s unusual natural setting provides owners with “Brown County” views with dense forest and ravines.  Bordering Fall Creek, wild life is abundant.  Owners often mention that the natural beauty is one of the main reasons they selected Windridge to be their home.  

VERY CENTRALLY LOCATED:   Windridge is no more than a short 20 minute drive from Monument Circle in the center of Indianapolis’ downtown, a 15 minute drive to the commercial corridor on 86th street,  and a ten minute drive to Broad Ripple, Butler University and the Indiana State Fairgrounds.

ONSITE PROPERTY MANAGER AND MAINTENANCE STAFF:  Unlike many condo communities, Windridge owners enjoy easy access to the community’s property manager and staff.  When an issue arises, staff can address it in a timely fashion (including immediately if necessary.)


This condo community truly is like no other in the metro area.  For photos of a sampling of Windridge units, CLICK HERE.

For the full history of Windridge, CLICK HERE.

What Association fees do Windridge Owners pay?

Association fees paid by owners are determined by the total interior square feet of the owner’s specific unit.   Since the units vary widely in size, fees also vary accordingly.    

Fees cover a wide range of services critical to ensuring that the community retains its beauty and enjoyable quality of life.  The Association is responsible for the maintenance and repair of all exteriors of the units, driveways, roofs, and all plumbing exterior to the units. In addition, the Association maintains concrete walkways, roadway maintenance/snow removal, and driveways, including snow/leaf removal.  The Association is also responsible for maintaining the common areas of the grounds.  (Owners are responsible for maintaining any plantings that border their unit, skylights, garage doors, decks, patios, windows, and non-concrete walkways .)  In addition, the Association covers water and sewer costs, as well as common area landscaping and tree removal.

The Board of Directors is committed to avoiding additional capital assessments except under very unusual circumstances. 

How financially secure is the Windridge Condo Association?

Very.   The Board of Directors develops both an operating and a substantial long term reserve budget, both of which are carefully planned to ensure that the community is well maintained.

The operating budget is used to cover the Association’s typical ongoing expenses, while the reserve budget is developed to ensure that sufficient funds are available to cover expensive periodic maintenance projects (e.g. roofing, road refurbishment, painting and maintenance of condo exteriors,  driveway and walkway maintenance, etc.).  

The overall budgeting process is designed to ensure that condo fees are carefully calibrated and minimize the need for capital assessments except under very unusual circumstances. 

Detailed financial information is available for review at the Association office (317-251-7861).

Does the Association have a list of rules and regulations that owners must follow?

Like all condo communities, Windridge is governed by a list of Rules and Regulations (as well as Association By Laws) that have been carefully developed over the years to ensure that the community’s overall quality of life is preserved and enhanced.   The Rules are kept to a minimum, but cover such matters as permitted vehicles, work request procedures, parking regulations, permitted yard decorative objects, etc.

To read an abridged list of the Rules and Regulations (covering those that are most commonly applied), CLICK HERE.

To examine all Association By Laws and Regulations, CLICK HERE.

How centrally located is Windridge?

In addition to being only a short drive from downtown Indianapolis, Windridge is only 15-20 minutes’ drive from the Fashion Mall, Castleton, Broad Ripple, Geist, Fort Harrison, and the 82nd St. – 86th St. commercial corridor.  Shopping, churches, scores of restaurants, entertainment – it’s all close by. 

Are owners permitted to make changes to the exterior or interiors of the units?

The Owners are of course permitted to make changes to the interiors of their units as long as those changes do not compromise the structural integrity of the unit.  In addition, residents are permitted to make cosmetic changes to the exterior of their units, as long as those changes are in keeping with the general style of the community.  In both cases, architectural changes to the interior or exterior must be approved by the Association Board.   Note that individual yards cannot be fenced. In addition, note that Indiana law does not permit any changes that enlarge the original footprint of a condo unit, including decks and patios.     

What level of resident turnover does Windridge typically experience?

The overwhelming majority of owners stay for many years.   Once owners move to Windridge, they rarely see the reason to move elsewhere.

What relationship does Laurel Hall have to the Windridge condo community?

Beautiful Laurel Hall, one of the most extraordinary mansions in the Midwest, now serves as the national headquarters for Phi Kappa Psi fraternity.  The fraternity has a strong commitment to maintaining this historic structure and, as a result, the mansion is one of region’s most sought-after sites for weddings and celebratory events.   The fraternity and the Association maintain a very friendly and cooperative relationship that benefits all.

Throughout the year, the Association will occasionally hold important meetings at the mansion.  

Are residents permitted to have pets?

Yes.  Dogs, cats, and all common pets are permitted.  Whenever pets are outside, of course, they must all be on a sturdy leash.  In addition, individual yards cannot be fenced.  Exterior dog houses are not permitted and dogs cannot be left unattended outside.