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Windridge Contact Information

Office Address: 5105 Hawks Point Road, Indianapolis, IN 46226.    Please contact the office between normal business hours 8:00 am to 4:00 pm to set up an appointment.  Meetings are by appointment you can contact the office at 317-251-7861 or email 

Gate Address: 5399 Emerson Way, Indianapolis, IN 46226  (The entry gate is located just south of the bridge at Emerson Way and Fall Creek.  If you are a visitor, you will need to enter a gate code on the key pad to the left of the Visitor Entrance.  A code may be obtained from the party you are visiting.  Note that your GPS may direct you to a second gate south of this location.  That is an “exit only” gate – you cannot enter through that gate.)

Office Phone: 317-251-7861



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