There’s another way to help Windridge remain one of the finest condo communities in IndianapolisMake a financial gift to our community.

Yes, that’s right.  You can make a gift to enhance Windridge.  Large or small, your gift will have a real impact on our extraordinary community.

If you’re like most of our owners, you assume that our Association fees cover all of the community’s needs.  But that’s not actually true.  Our fees do pay for all important maintenance and repairs to the units, infrastructure, and basic upkeep of the common areas.  But there are many additional improvements that would truly enhance our community, improvements that fees are simply not designed to cover.

That realization has already motivated many residents to offer financial gifts to Windridge.  The benches that offer places to rest and enjoy the community’s beauty, the large Shade Garden on Whisperwood Lane, the smaller Sun Garden on White Marsh, the Dog Park and the Little Library on Hawks Point .  Every one of those improvements to our community are the result of financial gifts from owners. 

Gifts provide extra enhancements to our community, features that can be enjoyed by all residents for years to come.

We each have a vested interest in helping to ensure that our community is well maintained and beautiful, with special upgrades that add to the quality of life that we all enjoy here.  Philanthropic gifts are really investments in our community by owners who truly want Windridge to continue to be one of the most desirable condo communities in  Indianapolis. We invite you to join those owners who have decided to do something extra to support Windridge.  We invite you to consider making a gift to our community. 

Types of Gifts:

–  Project specific (or restricted) gifts

Project gifts (of any size) are intended to be used for a specific project or a specific type of project (e.g. landscape enhancements to a Common Area).  Such gifts allow you to guide how your gift will be used. 

–  Unrestricted Gifts

You can, of course, simply offer a financial gift without specifying how it should be used.  In those instances, the Windridge Board will allocate available funds toward projects that will enhance the community and our quality of life.

Planned Estate

A planned gift is one that earmarks part or all of your estate to some organization.  Such a gift can consist of money, property, or valuable possessions – it’s really up to the person making the bequest.  There are several avenues that can be used to make such a gift, but they all center around your wish to leave a legacy to this community that will help ensure that it continues to benefit from your generosity after you have passed on.

If the idea of making a gift to Windridge intrigues you, please contact the Windridge business office at 317-251-7861.  We will be happy to discuss your thoughts and consider how your gift could most benefit this wonderful community we all call home.

If you have grown to love Windridge and want to do something to help it remain a true jewel in the Indianapolis area, consider joining with other owners who have stepped forward and provided additional financial support.  You can have a real and lasting impact.  You can give back to this community in exchange for the wonderful experiences you have had here.

Make a special gift to support a special place.