Doug is responsible for overseeing the day to day operations of the Windridge Co Owner s Association.  In addition to the operations duties he has the responsibility of managing all of the maintenance needs of  Windridge as well.  Doug oversees each condo exterior, common ground areas, and major infrastructure.  He oversees the work of staff, assigns their duties, solicits bids for major projects, oversees completed Association-hired vendor work, monitors expenditures, prepares the draft budget for annual review., Doug helps ensure that owners abide by Association Rules and Regulations, and 371 other duties. 

Doug has been with Windridge Co Owners Association since July 2010 and came to this position after several years with his own home inspection firm. Doug takes a very pro active approach in making sure that Windridge is maintained and managed.   

We are indeed fortunate to have him on board and on site.  


Renee comes to Windridge with many years of experience in office management.  She has been a part of the Windridge staff since February of 2018.  She is responsible for the running of the Windridge front office.  Her responsibilities include office communications, fielding owners questions, responding to requests, preparing and processing all invoices and billing financials.  She also manages and maintains the Windridge Co Owners Association website.  Renee is usually the first person you are likely to see upon entering the Windridge office. 

If you watch Renee’ for any 15 minute period, you will discover just how many details she must attend to on a daily basis.  She also finds time to dispense free dog treats to four legged visitors.

If you have a question or a concern, Renee is a good place to start.  



Efrain has been a part of the Windridge staff since March 2010.  He is an integral part of virtually every maintenance and repair project undertaken by the staff.  After more than a decade at Windridge his experience and knowledge are almost irreplaceable. His vast knowledge with the owner units and the overall Windridge property helps the maintenance staff continue to provide optimal service. 

Efrain is also owner and operator of his family lawn care business; his knowledge in landscaping is most beneficial to the beautification of Windridge. 

If you see him, as you will on a daily basis, be sure to wave and say hello – he’s as friendly as he is dedicated. 


On any given day, you will see Sabdiel out and about in the community. If there is an Association-responsible repair issue with your unit, it is likely that he will be involved at some point. 

Sabdiel is now a full time member of the Windridge Staff as of December 2021.  He may be familiar to you as he is the son of Efrain, our long time staff member and has been working on a part time basis for several years. Sabdiel comes with many maintenance talents and working for his family’s landscaping company is an asset to Windridge in keeping Windridge well maintained and beautiful. 

Sabdiel is the first to jump in and help, he will do whatever needs to be done and he will do it with a wonderful sense of ownership.